Life on the Brook

Your mornings in this neighbourhood are as likely to be welcomed with a chorus of espresso machines as they are by birdsong. Like the refreshing pine-scented easterly that sweeps through Grange Forest Park, you’ll become accustomed to the aroma emerging from the many cafes that line Kedron Brook and Wilston Village.

Embrace a sub-tropical lifestyle

Nestled by the bubbling waters of Kedron Brook, you will be welcomed by the morning sun, prevailing breezes and afternoon shade. You will enjoy picturesque views of the parklands and beyond.

A tree change that’s closer than you imagined

A tranquil sanctuary you can call home is surrounded by an abundance of wildlife and green space, connected by 29kms of walking and cycling paths.

An unrepeatable location

  • Only 5.6kms from CBD
  • Only 1.6kms from Wilston State School
  • Only 1.9kms from St Columba’s School
  • Inner-city suburb
  • Nearby eateries & cafes
  • Close to many retail precincts

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